Sunday, 8 May 2011

Seemed like a good idea at the time...........

Sorry, no cards this week. I've been busy packing and clearing out ready for the house move.  Hubbie leaves in less than 3 weeks so trying to get as much done whilst he's still here.  The kids and I have another 7 weeks after that.  We've finished packing the garage and the shed and re-homed the wendy house and wooden lifeboat.......... that was fun :-)

Mobile home ?????

Lifeboat rescue !!!

They were both transported to their new home at our friends house.

I'm making some headway with my craft room.  Look how tidy my desk is............

Isn't it funny how a picture taken at another angle can tell the true story............. this is what the room really looks like at this moment!!

Now you can understand why there are no cards made this week......... :-)  I'm having a good tidy up, although this seems to be taking much longer than anticipated as I seem to have much more stash that I thought ............ This was taken after I'd packed a lot of stuff into boxes, this is the essentials I have left !!!!

I also ordered some new storage as I'll have to craft in my bedroom at my mams so space will be tight - I have tried my hubbie to move into the garage but he refuses to - how selfish of him :-)

Anyhow, I bought 4 of these 12x12 Really Useful Boxes with files and I am ashamed to say not all my 12x12 papers would fit into them............  I sorted the papers into catagories (baby, traditional and modern) and also subdivided them into colours to make things much easier to find what I want....... you can tell I'm a Virgo ha ha ha.  I was so impressed at these boxes I think I'll order more of the range.

The piccie was taken before I'd finished sorting through the papers.

So, this week's job is finishing the craft room tidy up and get on with some cards I had to make - my neices 21st card and a new home card for our friend.  I also bought some new Whiff of Joy stamps, including Pregnant Willow as we have two friends who are expecting and I am desperate to ink these up and get these cards made.

See you all soon, and you never know I might have some cards to show you !!

Love, Nicola xx


  1. good luck with the move
    love your blog jacqui xx

  2. I'm not surprised you've had no time to make any cards. New address ones needed soon tho? I'm hoping to be moving in the next few weeks, so have all this to come!!! Good luck with it all xx

  3. Good luck with the move xx

  4. Good luck with your move. Nobody else has had a problem or told me there is one even I have got on my blog through DC, so not sure what could be wrong...Chris xx